Communications strategy and planning

Communications plans define what you want to achieve, who you need to reach, and the approach you will follow. Plans provide a roadmap for action and help you avoid distractions.

I have several years’ experience developing communications plans for a range of projects, products, services and initiatives.

After first understanding your current situation, I’ll work with you to develop (or assist you in developing) a communications plan to meet your business or organisational needs. I am also happy to review and provide constructive feedback and advice on existing or draft communications plans and strategies.



Ladder-related injuries have increased in frequency and older men are at particular risk. I developed a communications strategy on Ladder Safety as part of a combined State and Commonwealth Government initiative. Following thorough analysis of market research, and in accordance with the input and requirements of key stakeholders, I developed a strategy that aimed to remind older men of the dangers of ladder use. The strategy recommended a range of activities and materials across both traditional and digital media, while working to a limited budget. I was commended by the Communications Director on my ability to use market research to inform the strategy's development and was asked to present to the team on the approach I recommended. The strategy has subsequently been implemented and its impact is currently being evaluated, with initial results looking positive.


Communication strategy and planning