My approach


Communications is a broad and multi-faceted field and often there is no magic formula to solve communications-related problems. While no single method or channel drives my approach, I can share some of my guiding principles:


Understanding first
The first step in solving a communications problem is understanding the situation. The channels you use, no matter how great they can look or who else is using them, should not be the starting point for the approach you take.


Small size shouldn’t be a barrier to quality
I help clients large or small, with projects or tasks small or large. Regardless if it’s a One-hour power session, or a six-month project, my approach, work ethic, skills and experience remain the same.


We can’t be experts at everything (but we should know who to ask)
I gravitate towards communications planning, writing-related work, branding and reputation, and communication research. 

Rest assured though that if you need high quality design or illustration, photography or printing, I have a network of great suppliers I work with and would highly recommend.


I respect ethical practice and integrity
I believe in acknowledging other's work, not over-inflating the truth, and working within the law and self-regulatory guidelines at all times. 

There are a few types of organisations I prefer not to work with - namely those that that promote gambling, tobacco, or target unhealthy foods and beverages to children. I also need to be mindful of avoiding a conflict of interest with my university commitments.  


Flexible approach
These are some of the qualities that underpin my approach. Ultimately though, I’m more interested in what you want or need, and I how I might be able to help you. You are the expert in your business or project, and how you work. 


Michaela is a very effective team member at the manager/ executive level. She is always enthusiastic and keen to hear the opinion of others.
— 360-degree feedback, MPS