One-hour power sessions

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Sometimes all you want is a little professional feedback or advice, but without the hefty consulting fee. 

One-hour power sessions provide you with an hour face-to-face meeting with me, plus an hour of my preparation or pre-reading time, for a flat fee of $220 (+ GST). These sessions are great option for if you have a specific question or two, want feedback on a draft you’ve developed, or just want to ‘sound out’ a communications-related idea. 

If you want a little more, the one-hour power package provides you with a second, follow-up session for a combined flat fee of $400 (+ GST).


One-hour power session - $220 (+ GST)

  • one-hour face-to-face meeting, plus

  • one hour of my preparation or pre-reading time

  • Brisbane CBD or Southbank meeting location preferred.


One-hour power package - $400 (+ GST)

  • 2 x one-hour power sessions (as described above with the addition of a second, follow-up session).


How does it work?

  1. Contact me to let me know you're interested and briefly, what it is you're after.
  2. We'll arrange a time and place to meet. CBD or South Bank is preferred.
  3. Following your booking, I’ll email you a one-page form to help capture what you’d like assistance with, some background information, or a copy of your draft for review. In response, I’ll dedicate an hour of preparation time before we meet.
  4. We'll meet for an hour as arranged and discuss feedback, advice, or options. Where possible I like to leave you with some 'next steps' to action after our meeting.
  5. If you've booked a One-hour power package, we'll arrange a second appointment, before which I'll spend another hour preparing or reviewing what you've been working on since our first session. 

Full terms and conditions are available here