Rates and availability

Freelance consulting rates

My freelance rates vary depending on factors including:
•    the complexity of the work or the subject matter
•    the type and duration of the project
•    the urgency or required turn-around time.

Discounts, including on bookings for full days, are available and urgent or priority work requests will be accommodated where possible (surcharges may apply). 

While it’s best you contact me directly for a quote and more information on my freelance terms and conditions, I understand that sometimes all you want is an indication for budgeting or scoping purposes. As a general guide my freelance rates vary between $105 (+ GST) to $150 (+ GST) per hour. 


One-hour power sessions and packages

Designed as a simple and straightforward solution, these sessions and packages are offered at the following flat rates:

  • One-hour power session - $220 (+ GST)
  • One-hour power package - $400 (+ GST)

Terms and conditions apply, which you can view here. 



I am available on a ‘first in’ basis. For this reason I recommend you contact me earlier rather than later to ensure I can accommodate your requests. 

While located in Brisbane I am very happy to work with clients who are based elsewhere, either face-to-face or via tele- or video-conference.